Where we stand

Spread across the country and constantly expanding we are on a mission to breathe life into every space.
Our unmatched quality and range have won us the unstinted faith of millions, making us the largest home
furnishings chain store in India.
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Come be our partners in progress

With products sourced from the best mills across the world and designs handpicked from Europe,
Skipper opens up a lucrative business opportunity for you. As a franchisee partner, we assure you a
steady flow of customers looking for a comprehensive range of home furnishing products of
uncompromising quality at competitive prices.

Our 24/7 ready stock empowers you to surge forward with complete assurance that your inventory
will be replenished as soon as it gets over.

Skipper's strengths

Global sourcing ensures you get the very best from around the world • Attention to detail sets the
benchmarks in quality • 30 years of experience and expertise in home and interior furnishing and
décor • High visibility through extensive and integrated marketing and advertising initiatives •
Large stock available assuring timely delivery of consignments • Widest range of products to
meet all needs and preferences of customers

Franchisee Requirement

Minimum area required: 2000 square feet | Security deposit: Rs. 2500000 | Lock-in period: 5 years |
Commission to franchisee: 35% of sales | Marketing and advertising support: Provided by Skipper
Furnishings | Interiors: Flooring, ceiling, air conditioning and front glass to be arranged by franchisee as
per company specifications | Furniture: Furniture and counters to be provided by Skipper Furnishings

Join us in the endeavour
to breathe life into every space